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Baba was always fond of children and he used to play with them. He always encouraged the devotees to perform their arts and skills in the masjid. Baba used to dance with ghungru (bells) tied to his feet. Baba initially was known as a Hakim as he used to cure the people with his treatments. Later people started coming to Shirdi to seek his blessings and advice to fulfill their wishes. During his early days at Shirdi, Baba used to cook food and distribute the same to the devotees. He maintained 2 handis (pots) for cooking.

Sai Maharaj used to distribute udi to the devotees, from the dhuni he kept burning all the time. He always suggested applying the udi to his devotees as a remedy to the problems they faced and used to tell them that ALLAH ACCHA KAREGA (God will do Good). He also maintained perfect harmony between Hindus and Muslims. He advocated both the practices simultaneously. He celebrated Hindu festivals and Muslim festivals in unison. Sriramanavami festival at Shirdi is one best example to demonstrate this fact. Sandal procession in the name of Muslim saints is also performed on the same day.

Baba always said to his devotees that he was a humble servant of God. He ascertained the importance of believing the god and remembering him in every act of us. He showed the world how a saint who has gained complete control over the elements of life, still live with people and strive for their benefit. At present in Shirdi, devotees can have the darshan of Samadhi mandir, Dwarakamayi and Chavadi.

He is perfect God incarnate and said If you look at me, I look at you, there is no difference between a Guru and a Disciple. A guru always has his loving glances on his disciples and saves them from calamities. He always fulfilled his words when he was living and is doing it even from his mahasamadhi. Sai said to his devotees to put their burdens on him and assured he will bear them for them. But to do this, he said every devotee has to be earnest in their devotion and give two paisa dakshina, FAITH (Shraddha) and PATIENCE (Saburi).

"Sada Nimbarvrikshasya mooladhiwasat,
Sudhasravinam tiktamapi-apriyam tam,
Tarum Kalpavrikshadhikam sadhayantam
Namameeshwaram Sadgurum Sai Natham"

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Satcharitra Parayan

As the leelas of Lord Dattatreya have been depicted in Guru Charitra, similarly the life and leelas of Sadhguru Sai have been depicted in Satcharitra. With the blessings of Sai, Annasaheb Dhabolkar alias Hemadpant has undertaken this precious work and could complete without any hitches. This is a must to be read book by every Sai devotee to enhance his devotion to the sadhguru.

Satcharitra in English

Satcharitra in Telugu

Palki Seva

Every Thursday evening at Sai Sadan, must to watch activity is the Palki Seva. Devotees take Baba's photo along with padukas and satka in a palanquin fully decorated. The procession first goes to Vinayaka temple and then goes around the temple with accompaniment of band and music. Devotees chant the sai keertans through out this seva.

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