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The culture of Guru has been prevalent in sacred India since centuries. Our mother land has given birth for many sadhgurus and one prominent among them is Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. Sri Saibaba lived in Shirdi (in Maharastra) continuously for a period of 60 years before he took his mahasamadhi in 1918. No one knew the exact birth place, date and parents of Saibaba. At the age of sixteen, he was seen in Shirdi under a neem tree practicing hard penance not minding the heat and cold. He kicked out maya and had gained complete proficiency at this young age. People were astonished seeing this young lad practicing hard penance.

After sometime he disappeared from there and was seen in Ahmednagar. Chand Patil- village officer of Dhoop, lost his mare and made fruitless search for two months. Once when he was traveling with the saddle on his back, he met young saibaba. After enquiring from him, Saibaba asked Chand Patil to search in the nala (pond) nearby. To the surprise of Chand Patil, he found his lost mare. After accepting the request of Chand Patil, this young fakir stayed in Dhoop for sometime and returned to Shirdi when he was around twenty along with the marriage party of Chand Patil. The marriage party took their shelter in the fields of Khandoba temple and Bhagat Mhalasapati addressed the young fakir as Aao Sai (Welcome Sai). From that day onwards, people started calling him as Sai.

Baba started to live in a deserted masjid, which had two rooms. Baba called this as Dwarakamai and always used to utter Allah Malik. Baba used to sit in the masjid facing south and in front of him he kept dhuni burning. He did this throughout his stay in Shirdi, even today that is still burning. He was very fond of lights. He used to light lamps in the masjid and kept them burning through out the night. During his stay in Shirdi he maintained Lendi Garden. Once when he went to Rahata, he brought with him small plants of Jui, Jai and MerryGold and planted them in the garden. All the years he cleaned and watered the palnts using the unbaked earthen pots supplied by Vaman Tatya daily. Later the Samadhi Mandir was constructed in this site only by Bapusaheb Buti.

During the lifetime of Saibaba, many devotees approached him to solve their problems. He used to know the past, present and future of the devotees. Sai gave them some suggestions and used to suggest reading of religious scriptures like Vishnu Sahasranaam, Guru Charitra, Ramakhayan, Ramavijaya and so on. In order to benefit Madhavarao Deshpande alias Shama, Sai forcibly made him study Vishnu Sahasranaam and said to Shama, when I was in deep trouble, I hugged this book and you do not know the benefit this book did to me. Baba emphasized the importance of this book to his devotees.

"Guru Brahma - Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha - Guru Sakshath Parabramha
Tasmay Sri Guravayana maha Tasmay Sri Sai Guravayana maha
Tasmay Sri Datta Guravayana maha"

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Satcharitra Parayan

As the leelas of Lord Dattatreya have been depicted in Guru Charitra, similarly the life and leelas of Sadhguru Sai have been depicted in Satcharitra. With the blessings of Sai, Annasaheb Dhabolkar alias Hemadpant has undertaken this precious work and could complete without any hitches. This is a must to be read book by every Sai devotee to enhance his devotion to the sadhguru.

Satcharitra in English

Satcharitra in Telugu

Palki Seva

Every Thursday evening at Sai Sadan, must to watch activity is the Palki Seva. Devotees take Baba's photo along with padukas and satka in a palanquin fully decorated. The procession first goes to Vinayaka temple and then goes around the temple with accompaniment of band and music. Devotees chant the sai keertans through out this seva.

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